San Diego Spring Round Up

Apr 14 - Apr 17, 2022

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2022 San Diego Spring Roundup

This Is Your Opportunity To Get Involved In
The 2022 Spring Round Up!

Please become a part of the 2020 Round-Up Planning Committee.
We would love to have you.

Sign up at the business meeting 4/4 11:00AM
First planning meeting 7/12 @7:30 PM
Location TBD

Or call next year’s Chair.
Marie B
619-881-7612 or Email at
Mark your calendar now for next year’s Round Up. Dates: April 14-17, 2022

Message from Chairperson

Welcome everyone to the 44 th annual San Diego Spring Round Up. On behalf of the Round Up committee, I want to thank you for your participation in and contribution to this year’s San Diego Spring Round Up. We have a fabulous weekend planned for you. The San Diego Spring Round Up has been an integral part of my sobriety. My hope for you is that you find an experience here that will help you in your journey of recovery.

We find ourselves in very different times. We are challenged daily. Meeting “in person” has become temporarily interrupted and we have been confronted with the challenge of isolation. Where we were once able to interact physically, shaking hands and giving hugs, we are now isolated to our screens. We are mostly alone, but we are still together. This year the committee chose “Acceptance is the Answer” as the theme for this year’s Round Up. How appropriate!

I struggled to accept my alcoholism for 25 years. I bounced in and out of AA, staying just long enough to “pull it together”, but never actually accepting my powerlessness over alcohol. This lack of acceptance perpetuated a life of pain and misery not only for myself, but also for so many people who loved me. At one point, I managed to remain sober for 5 years, but I still had not accepted that I was an alcoholic. I failed to enlarge my spiritual life through work and self- sacrifice for others, as the Big Book suggests, and I was drunk in no time.

On December 14 th 2011, sitting in a jail cell, I finally accepted my alcoholism. I came to understand that I had two alternatives. One was to go on to the bitter end, blotting out the consciousness of my intolerable situation as best I could; the other was to accept spiritual help. I accepted spiritual help. Acceptance truly has been the Answer.

I want to thank the San Diego Spring Round Up committee who has worked so tirelessly to make this year’s event a success. It takes a village to make this weekend happen every year. Initially we were uncertain if we were even going to have an event this year. Everyone on the committee stepped up, accepted the challenge of having an all online event, and made it happen. I have learned so much from my participation in the planning of the San Diego Spring Round Up. I am grateful and honored to be a small part of this process.

We welcome all of you to participate in the planning of next year’s San Diego Spring Round Up. You can find all the details on how you can be of service on our website at

Thank you all for my sobriety!!

Jason Smith
2021 SDSRU Chairperson


Leading up to the mid-1970's, there were two prominent conventions in southern California. The Southern California Convention that was started in 1952. And the Palm Springs Round Up, that was started in 1960.

Both of these events were very popular and well attended. The convention agendas included breakfast, lunch and banquet dinners with great speakers, plus entertainment and sporting events.

The combination of enthusiasm created by these events and the fact that AA was growing very fast during the1970's, caused some AA's in San Diego to think about and work toward starting their own event.

After a couple years of coordinating and planning meetings, the San Diego Spring Round Up (SDSRU) kicked off in 1978. And, from its very first year, this event has been a positive influence on those in attendance and has generated enough revenue to cover expenses, maintain a prudent reserve and make 7th Tradition contributions to various AA service entities.

At this writing, forty years later, it seems fair to say that the SDSRU has achieved it's purpose, as stated in the excerpt of the original Policies shown below:


It is an established fact that those who attend and take an active part in Alcoholics Anonymous Round Ups, such as this one, have a more positive attitude in their solution of the problem of alcoholism and are aided in acquiring the knowledge needed to arrest this devastating disease. In the true spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous, we, the first San Diego Round Up Committee, do hereby establish the following guidelines. In addition, we will henceforth be governed by the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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