San Diego Spring Round Up

San Diego Spring Round Up

THEME: Attitude of Gratitude

Mar 28 - Mar 31, 2024

SDSRU Audio Recordings

The recordings of the weekend have been posted. Click on the following button to display the recordings.

2024 SDSRU Audio Recordings
50 / 50 and Opportunity Drawing

50/50 Unclaimed Winner

  • 860441 - 2nd Place

Opportunity Winners

  1. 016887 - Bicycles
  2. 019746 - Cook Basket
  3. 016924 - Quilt
  4. 009971 - Relax Basket
  5. 018087 - $100 Tattoo / Rec Merch
  6. 018498 - Self Love
  7. 016021 - Small Dog
  8. 009927 - Candle B
  9. 006293 - Secret
  10. 016746 - Rec Toolbox
  11. 008720 - yoga
  12. 019121 - Large Dog
  13. 007020 - Jungle Hanging's
  14. 017542 - Ukulele
  15. 007331 - Skateboard
  16. 016994 - Jude
  17. 016536 - Starbucks
  18. 006917 - Newcomer #1
  19. 016707 - Newcomer #2
  20. 019901 - Wolf
  21. 018081 - Day Tripper
  22. 007727 - Chevron
  23. 007508 - Amazon
  24. 006276 - San Diego Zoo
  25. 006295 - Botanical
  26. 009085 - April Art #1
  27. 018902 - April Art #2
  28. 009568 - LightHouse
  29. 009030 - Al-Anon
  30. 019555 - Coffee Books
  31. 016729 - Frame Vases
  32. 009745 - Stress Relax
  33. 017110 - Picnic
  34. 007838 - Zen Coffee
  35. 009862 - Golf

Text winning ticket to Kendall B at (818) 939-3023 and to arrange pickup.

Convention Status

Greetings from your San Diego Spring Round Up Committee.

We hope this finds you all safe and well. The 2024 San Diego Spring Round Up is going to be AMAZING!

  • The Roundup is Easter Weekend, March 28 - 31, 2024.

Please check out this website for further updates. We will keep you informed.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Your San Diego Spring Round Up Committee

Alateen Program Cancelled

We are sorry to inform our attendees that the Alateen program for the 2024 San Diego Spring Roundup has been cancelled. We have added Registration for attendees under 18 at a reduced price.

Save The Date / Registration

To view a PDF of the flyer, click on the image below.

Message from Chairperson

Welcome to the 47th annual San Diego Spring Round Up, 2024.

Our Theme this year is: Our theme this year is: Attitude of Gratitude

I am honored to serve as your Chairman this year. I personally began my service to the San Diego Spring Round Up 11 years ago. It has been an amazing experience, very rewarding and a vital part of my recovery. We have a full planning committee of over 120 people. These volunteers give their time and efforts to be of service to your recovery as well as their own as we carry the message of hope and a design for living that works. It is a committee that I am proud to be a part of!

This year’s theme is “Attitude of Gratitude”. I believe that a truly grateful alcoholic will not drink. Today, I live a life of gratitude, thanks to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I hope & pray that every one you & us find and live daily with an attitude of gratitude. Grateful for a new life, freedom from addiction, true friendships, meaningful purpose, a personal connection with a Higher Power and the opportunity to continually grow as a person in everything that this life brings. A life beyond our wildest dreams.

Thank you for the opportunity as I humbly serve as the 2024 Chairman of this great convention. I’m excited to see all of you this year and know that we will all be blessed as we trudge this road of happy destiny together. Please bring a newcomer along with you to experience the powerful fellowship and fun of this Easter weekend.

Charlotte B., Chairman, San Diego Spring Round Up 2024


Click the following link to make reservations for the 2024 San Diego Spring Roundup at the Town and Country San Diego or call the hotel directly at: (800) 772-8527.

Book your Group Rate for the 2024 San Diego Spring Roundup


Leading up to the mid-1970's, there were two prominent conventions in southern California. The Southern California Convention that was started in 1952. And the Palm Springs Round Up, that was started in 1960.

Both of these events were very popular and well attended. The convention agendas included breakfast, lunch and banquet dinners with great speakers, plus entertainment and sporting events.

The combination of enthusiasm created by these events and the fact that AA was growing very fast during the1970's, caused some AA's in San Diego to think about and work toward starting their own event.

After a couple years of coordinating and planning meetings, the San Diego Spring Round Up (SDSRU) kicked off in 1978. And, from its very first year, this event has been a positive influence on those in attendance and has generated enough revenue to cover expenses, maintain a prudent reserve and make 7th Tradition contributions to various AA service entities.

At this writing, forty years later, it seems fair to say that the SDSRU has achieved it's purpose, as stated in the excerpt of the original Policies shown below:


It is an established fact that those who attend and take an active part in Alcoholics Anonymous Round Ups, such as this one, have a more positive attitude in their solution of the problem of alcoholism and are aided in acquiring the knowledge needed to arrest this devastating disease. In the true spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous, we, the first San Diego Round Up Committee, do hereby establish the following guidelines. In addition, we will henceforth be governed by the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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