San Diego Spring Round Up

San Diego Spring Round Up

THEME: We Are Not Saints

Apr 06 - Apr 09, 2023

SDSRU Audio Recordings

In order to keep the memory of the weekend, you may wish to stop by the RECORDING TABLE in the LOBBY. Sound Solutions provides audio files in several formats (cds, downloads or flash drives) that allow you to get a recording of the speakers shortly after their talk. Check out Sound Solutions by clicking the link below.

2023 San Diego Spring Roundup Audio Files of Speakers

50 / 50 and Opportunity Drawing

50 / 50 Winners

  • 30% - 797063 - Paul C ($ 1,537.50)
  • 10% - 797734 - Lorraine ($ 512.50)
  • 10% - 412951 - ??? ($ 512.50)

Opportunity Winners

  1. 959777 - Sports Package
  2. 257602 - Clean Your Soul Package
  3. 257122 - Biggs H/D
  4. 257058 - Omni
  5. 359082 - Washer and Dryer Set
  6. 258660 - Kitchen Set
  7. 360987 - Serenity Package
  8. 360963 - The 12 Art
  9. 258239 - The Battle Ground Art
  10. 959388 - Clock
  11. 258458 - Quilt
  12. 460167 - Quilt
  13. 460986 - Agaua Love
  14. 460470 - Marathon Reg
  15. 359963 - House Cleaning
  16. 960745 - Cutting Board
Convention Status

Greetings from your San Diego Spring Round Up Committee.

We hope this finds you all safe and well. The 2023 San Diego Spring Round Up is here. It is going to be AMAZING!

  • The Roundup is Easter Weekend, April 6 - 9, 2023.
  • We have added an Event Bundle this year that includes the AA Banquet Dinner, Spiritual Breakfast, and Ice Cream Social at a saving of $15.

Please check out this website for further updates. We will keep you informed.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Your San Diego Spring Round Up Committee

Message from Chairperson

Welcome Everyone to the 46th San Diego Spring Round Up, 2023.

Our Theme this year is: We are not Saints

As we continue to move past the pandemic, it has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to be a part of the 46th annual San Diego Spring Round Up. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the Trustees, and more than 135 Volunteers making up 35 Committees who have selflessly dedicated their time and effort for this year's Round Up.

When I first started attending AA, it became clear after working the first 7 steps that I was not a very virtuous, kind, or patient person, which I believe are the qualities of a Saint. Our book states “We are not Saints”. The point is, that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines. The principles we have set down are guides to progress. We claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection. I have found over the years that working with a newcomer, working on committees like the Round Up or at a meeting affords me the opportunity to continue that spiritual progress which is vital to perfect and enlarge our spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others.

I’d like to personally thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chairman this year. It has certainly been a humbling experience for which I will always remember. We will start planning the 2024 Round Up in July of 2023, if you would like to volunteer for one of the committees please fill out a signup sheet or attend the business meeting following the breakfast on Sunday.

Thanks for Fellowshipping with Us.

Mark B., Chairman, San Diego Spring Round Up 2023


Click the following link to make reservations for the 2023 San Diego Spring Roundup at the Town and Country San Diego or call the hotel directly at: (800) 772-8527.

Book your Group Rate for the 2023 San Diego Spring Roundup

Question(s) / Problems with SDSRU Website

If you have any questions about the San Diego Spring Roundup Website please contact us:

  • By contacting Mark B. by email or phone.
  • You can also submit your inquiry through the "Contact Us" button above. We will respond to your inquiry ASAP.


Leading up to the mid-1970's, there were two prominent conventions in southern California. The Southern California Convention that was started in 1952. And the Palm Springs Round Up, that was started in 1960.

Both of these events were very popular and well attended. The convention agendas included breakfast, lunch and banquet dinners with great speakers, plus entertainment and sporting events.

The combination of enthusiasm created by these events and the fact that AA was growing very fast during the1970's, caused some AA's in San Diego to think about and work toward starting their own event.

After a couple years of coordinating and planning meetings, the San Diego Spring Round Up (SDSRU) kicked off in 1978. And, from its very first year, this event has been a positive influence on those in attendance and has generated enough revenue to cover expenses, maintain a prudent reserve and make 7th Tradition contributions to various AA service entities.

At this writing, forty years later, it seems fair to say that the SDSRU has achieved it's purpose, as stated in the excerpt of the original Policies shown below:


It is an established fact that those who attend and take an active part in Alcoholics Anonymous Round Ups, such as this one, have a more positive attitude in their solution of the problem of alcoholism and are aided in acquiring the knowledge needed to arrest this devastating disease. In the true spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous, we, the first San Diego Round Up Committee, do hereby establish the following guidelines. In addition, we will henceforth be governed by the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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