Recovery Convention / Club Software

The vision I have is to provide enterprise level software / technology in the recovery space, for little or no cost. 30 years ago I was introduced into a twelve step program that saved my life. As a result of great sponsorship and grace, I was led to be of service. Living in Hermosa Beach, I got involved in our local recovery convention. Because I was in the field of technology, I found that I could add a lot of value to our convention and twelve step community by developing a system to provide registration and e-commerce functionality. Since developing my first iteration of the South Bay Roundup convention software I have made many changes over the years adding new features and upgrading the technology. Covid-19 changed the recovery world. In-person conventions and meetings were not happening. Recovery meetings had transitioned over to zoom. Being on the committee for the South Bay Roundup convention, we decided to go forward and have our convention over zoom. Over a short period of time I was asked to help with other conventions and events. I decided to build a multi-convention system that could manage multiple conventions simultaneously. This system is the result of that vision.

In Love & Service

Michael R.