Frequently Asked Questions

We Encourage Questions. These are some of the questions we get asked most frequently. If we missed something you're curious about, contact us. We love hearing from our customers.


In order to support multiple conventions and clubs a unique URL had to be used that represents the platform supporting the conventions and clubs.  I already had this domain so I used this domain for the platform.  

When you are signing up for an account and receive an error message that the “username is taken”. This means that you already have an account on the RCS platform and will just have to perform a Password Recovery to create a new password so that you can login.   Since this platform supports multiple conventions and clubs, your account information was entered through one of the other conventions or clubs.


Please register to attend the alathon.  Registration gives us an idea of the number of people attending the zoom alathon, so that we can purchase the correct zoom license. 

You will be able to access the zoom meetings from the Timeline, accessible from the main page.  When you click on the event in the timeline it will automatically open up zoom on your phone or computer.  You will need to have zoom installed on your device.