South Bay Roundup Convention / PAST CHAIRS & THEMES
YearAA ChairAl-Anon ChairTheme
1985Dave B.Rachelle R. A New Beginning
1986Dave B.Rachelle R. Connecting With Miracles
1987Franny S.Chris C. Know A New Freedom
1988Dave B.Judy G. Came To Believe
1989Dave B.Rachelle R. How It Works! A Celebration!
1990Dave B.Rebecca C. Living The Promises
1991Roger D.Dee D. Celebrate Me Home
1992Roger D.Dee D. How Sweet It Is
1993Chris R.Gloria C. Happy, Joyous & Free In '93
1994Mike C.Cathy S. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
1995Bert M.Larcine G. Friends
1996James D.Les W. The Family Afterwards
1997Don A.Margaret C. Out Of The Darkness Into The Light WE Surrender To Win
1998Curt S.Sandy L. Unity Between Your Heart And Mine
1999Susan B.Gayle K. Go The Distance One Day At A Time
2000Jerry R.Carol T. Freedom
2001Butch G.Dinah D. Living The Dream
2002Rich M.Lynne D. Get Your Spirit Here!
2003Ron S.Karen P. Courage To Change
2004Cathy W.Eloise S. A Design For Living
2005Jon McC.Mickey W. Fellowship Of The Spirit
2006Chris R.Dick B. You Are Not Alone
2007Vince Z.Cheryl S. There Is A Solution
2008Becky A.Linda C. Rocketed Into A Fourth Dimension
2009Jeff P.Sandra D. Together We Can
2010Donna McC.Jean K. Miracles Happen
2011Dale W.Stella V. We Surrender To Win
2012Tim T.Kim H. It's The Journey
2013Tim L.Frances G. Building A New Life
2014Beverlie M.Bruce G. 30 Years - Keep The Fire Burning
2015Dale W.Melody K. Having Had A Spiritual Awakeining
2016Mary McK.Thomas B. An Unshakeable Foundation For Life
2017Michael R.Carol G. Happiness Is An Inside Job
2018Roxanne P.Danny B. Amazing Grace
2019Ricardo Q.Stephanie O. A Spirit Of Love And Service
2020Jackie P.Chris E. Keep on Trudgin'....Super Zoom!
2021Maricela G.Margie C. A Reason to Believe
2022Jack P.Melanie P. Change Our Point of View
2023Johnny B.Carolyn G. Magnificent Reality